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Monday, December 14, 2009

SPOTLIGHT: RockerByeBaby by Amber Zrust

If you've been on waytutucute.com lately, you've seen the incredibly unique items by RockerByeBaby.  This line is so hot, even celeb kids, such as Tori Spellings son, Liam, have been spotted in them! Want to dress your little one like a celeb kid at an affordable price?  Look no further!  Check out RockerByeBaby!

Let me introduce you to Amber, the mastermind behind RockerByeBaby...

Q. What…is your name?

A. Amber, but most of my friends call me T.G. (like, tee-dge)

Q. What…do you make? 

A. WE HAVE EVERYTHING IN STOCK FOR YOUR BABY TO ROCK!! hehehe I make *deep breath* onesies, bibs, burp rags, Booger Bashers, blankets, Skullies, travel pillows, changing pads, complete crib bedding sets, pillows, curtains, tote bags, and.... babies... I have two of them. :)

Q. What… is your favorite color?
A. The punk rock in me wants to say black... lol but the girl in me screams turquoise and hot pink... put them all together and BAM - instant RockerByeBaby love.

Q. What … is your main influence?
A. My kids... my kids are my influence for everything... and its totally cheesy and lame, but when it comes to them I turn into a big mushy ball of goo, lol. Be it, a little extra money for diapers on their bottoms... or a rockin' blanket to snuggle them to sleep with... OH! - and baby girls because I don't have one. Some of the coolest stuff I have made has been for little girls. I want one, but not enough to be pregnant AGAIN, haha, so I will just continue creating for OTHER cute little girls.

Q. When do you make time to run a business with your busy MOM schedule?
A. I have NO idea… I’m still trying to figure that one out. As of right now… we have 15 Crib Bedding sets that I’m working on plus creating new items, packing, shipping and of course… sewing!! That also doesn’t factor in the blog that I do. However, I have to give credit where its due. I’m very lucky to have supportive friends & family, and if I need help, they’re always there for me. And my husband, Zaq helps ship my packages, fluff bumpers and even helps pin blankets sometimes… if I ask really nicely...

Q. Whats your favorite item you have ever made?
A. I'm working on a crib set right now that is to die for... Hot pink cute little splatter skulls with hearts and dots... and black and white zebra on back. SO CUTE! But I think my most favorite thing to do is design clothes... I loved teaming up with Barley & Birch to create the ultimate rock N roll organic tshirt... my guitar shirt... and girl's dress are some of my favorites.

Now that you know a little about the person behind the awesome items - spread the word and pick up your favorite item(s) today on waytutucute.com!   Your little rocker will be the hit of the playground!

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  1. Thanks so much for the spotlight! We love being apart of the WayTuTuCute family!!