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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Product Review: The Pat a Cake Baby Chocolate and Pink Dandy Damask Pacifier Bib

As soon as I saw this bib, I thought, YES!  Although my 6 month old couldn't figure out how to put her pacifier back into her mouth when it fell out, she sure knew how to pull it out and drop it onto the floor.  I immediately purchased the chocolate and pink dandy damask pacifier bib.  It came in many different styles, but that one was my favorite.  I received the bib days later (shipping was super fast).  It was exactly what I needed for my teething munchkin, who drooled so much we had to change her outfit five times a day.  I immediately connected her favorite pacifier and checked it out.  The back portion of the bib is made of the most incredibly soft minky and I found myself holding it for a really long time.  All I kept thinking was, if this was a blanket, I would crawl into bed right now and take a nap.  The quality of the bib is amazing, not to mention how much time it's saved me from picking up the pacifier off of the floor, washing it and giving it back to my daughter.  At only $14 per bib, this is worth every penny!  Click here to get yours or check out the other styles of The Pat a Cake Baby items available here.

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