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Friday, December 25, 2009

Our Christmas Was Tutu Merry!

What an amazing day, and it's only 4 hours since we woke up.  Sometime around 8am, I heard my 4 year old open her door and run over to where we left the cookies and milk for Santa.  I heard little feet running toward my room and then with a big smack on the arm, she yells "Mommy!  The cookies and milk are GONE!".  I jumped out of bed and she pulled me toward the empty plate.  She was convinced that Santa ate every single chocolate chip/sprinkle cookie we left for him (mission accomplished).  This is the first year that we didn't have to walk her through everything and make her understand what was going on.  She ran to the tree to examine the gifts.  She pointed out the big one and said, "This one must be my dollhouse", which she had asked Santa for at the mall a week ago.  She tore into the gifts and with each one, got more and more excited.  I had made the mistake of hiding a couple of gifts under my bed.  My husband informed me that she had found one of them the other day - so quick thinking mom to the rescue!  I wrapped it in completely different paper from the others that were marked "from Santa" and wrote on the card that it was for her, from her baby sister.  When she opened it, she said "Hey!  It's just like the one under your bed!"... LOL... I had to then explain that her baby sister got it for her and asked me to hide it under the bed until Christmas.  PHEW!

So while my 7 month old was sound asleep in her crib, my 4 year old ripped open every single package that had her name on it (one of the few words she can read).  After the last one was opened, she looked around for the dollhouse.  There was no tag on the big one, so I told her she might as well rip it open to see who it's for.  With one rip and a yell, "DOLLHOUSE"... she stepped back and admired it from afar.  We put it together in minutes and she's been playing with it since (only to get up to pee).

Enter my 7 month old.  Just in time to open her gifts...which her big sister was great enough to open for her.  She got tons of stuff, including her new Bugaloo shoes (found on waytutucute.com because Santa shops there as well).  Although she can't tell me, I'm positive that the shoes were her favorite.  We put them on right away and she hasn't tried to pull them off once (definitely not the norm). 

All in all, it's been a day full of blessings, family and huge smiles.  We hope your holiday (whichever you celebrate) was equally as fabulous as ours!  Our family is lucky enough to get to celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah - both the best yet!  Thanks for reading - we love you tutu much! -Heather

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