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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Did Somebody Say FREE?

Why yes, we did!  Have your eye on something special on waytutucute.com?  
Now is your chance to win it - FREE!  

Here's how:
1. Become a fan on our Facebook Fan Page - next click "photos"... browse through the items and comment on your favorite item or items. 
2. Comment on this blog post (as many times as you'd like) and tell us what your favorite item is and why.
3. Follow us on Twitter and tweet about your favorite item (make sure to type @waytutucute so that we know about it!)  Make sure to put RT at the end - if others retweet it, you'll have even MORE chances to win!
4. Purchase anything on waytutucute.com for a chance to win another item from that same product line!

Do one or do all of them - the more you participate in, the more chances you have to win!  One VERY lucky, randomly selected person, will win the item of their choice.  Winner will be chosen and announced on January 16, 2010!  Now go... TELL YOUR FRIENDS!  

Did someone say nothing in life is free?  THEY WERE WRONG! :)

Fan Appreciation Sale Starts Now!

Love our products but spent a fortune on holiday gifts?  Looking for some good deals?  Well, look no further!  In honor of the fact that we finally reached 1,000 fans on our Facebook page, we will be having a special fan appreciation sale until January 6, 2010!  No coupon codes needed - just shop and find discounts of up to 35% off many of our product lines on waytutucute.com.

We are putting up new merchandise all the time - so keep checking back!  Remember, a lot of our items are one-of-a-kind... so if you see something  you love, don't wait too long.  It may not be there when you come back - especially with this sale!

We love you tutu much!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Our Christmas Was Tutu Merry!

What an amazing day, and it's only 4 hours since we woke up.  Sometime around 8am, I heard my 4 year old open her door and run over to where we left the cookies and milk for Santa.  I heard little feet running toward my room and then with a big smack on the arm, she yells "Mommy!  The cookies and milk are GONE!".  I jumped out of bed and she pulled me toward the empty plate.  She was convinced that Santa ate every single chocolate chip/sprinkle cookie we left for him (mission accomplished).  This is the first year that we didn't have to walk her through everything and make her understand what was going on.  She ran to the tree to examine the gifts.  She pointed out the big one and said, "This one must be my dollhouse", which she had asked Santa for at the mall a week ago.  She tore into the gifts and with each one, got more and more excited.  I had made the mistake of hiding a couple of gifts under my bed.  My husband informed me that she had found one of them the other day - so quick thinking mom to the rescue!  I wrapped it in completely different paper from the others that were marked "from Santa" and wrote on the card that it was for her, from her baby sister.  When she opened it, she said "Hey!  It's just like the one under your bed!"... LOL... I had to then explain that her baby sister got it for her and asked me to hide it under the bed until Christmas.  PHEW!

So while my 7 month old was sound asleep in her crib, my 4 year old ripped open every single package that had her name on it (one of the few words she can read).  After the last one was opened, she looked around for the dollhouse.  There was no tag on the big one, so I told her she might as well rip it open to see who it's for.  With one rip and a yell, "DOLLHOUSE"... she stepped back and admired it from afar.  We put it together in minutes and she's been playing with it since (only to get up to pee).

Enter my 7 month old.  Just in time to open her gifts...which her big sister was great enough to open for her.  She got tons of stuff, including her new Bugaloo shoes (found on waytutucute.com because Santa shops there as well).  Although she can't tell me, I'm positive that the shoes were her favorite.  We put them on right away and she hasn't tried to pull them off once (definitely not the norm). 

All in all, it's been a day full of blessings, family and huge smiles.  We hope your holiday (whichever you celebrate) was equally as fabulous as ours!  Our family is lucky enough to get to celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah - both the best yet!  Thanks for reading - we love you tutu much! -Heather

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Fan Appreciation Sale

We LOVE our Facebook fans! We are quickly approaching the 900 mark and when we reach 1,000 fans, we will be having a fan appreciation sale.  This sale will offer up to 35% off many of our items!  Spread the word about our facebook fan page - suggest it to all of your friends.  Remember, we don't just offer kids items, we also have some for grown ups and pets too!

Product Review: The Pat a Cake Baby Chocolate and Pink Dandy Damask Pacifier Bib

As soon as I saw this bib, I thought, YES!  Although my 6 month old couldn't figure out how to put her pacifier back into her mouth when it fell out, she sure knew how to pull it out and drop it onto the floor.  I immediately purchased the chocolate and pink dandy damask pacifier bib.  It came in many different styles, but that one was my favorite.  I received the bib days later (shipping was super fast).  It was exactly what I needed for my teething munchkin, who drooled so much we had to change her outfit five times a day.  I immediately connected her favorite pacifier and checked it out.  The back portion of the bib is made of the most incredibly soft minky and I found myself holding it for a really long time.  All I kept thinking was, if this was a blanket, I would crawl into bed right now and take a nap.  The quality of the bib is amazing, not to mention how much time it's saved me from picking up the pacifier off of the floor, washing it and giving it back to my daughter.  At only $14 per bib, this is worth every penny!  Click here to get yours or check out the other styles of The Pat a Cake Baby items available here.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Facebook, More than Just a Website

You may or may not know that it is completely due to Facebook that my business started.  I posted a few pictures of a tutu that I created for my daughter on my personal Facebook page and voilà I was getting orders left and right.  When I decided to start the business, Facebook allowed me the opportunity to network with thousands of people in an instant.  In less than 5 months, I have almost 900 fans and I have been able to meet the most incredible people all over the world.

Facebook gives me an outlet to broadcast specials, display our newest products and interact with some of the best customers a company could ever ask for.  I hand pick each of the product lines that come onto waytutucute.com, so it's nice to get an immediate reaction to the new items, as soon as they are available.  Something as little as a "like" lets me know that I've chosen something great.

Many think that Facebook has made things less personable.  I actually had a friend tell me the other day that if you don't have Facebook, chances are you will never hear from her.  It's all about convenience now-a-days and how convenient is it for us to be able to communicate with family, friends and customers all in one place?  In the world of technology that we live in, I can't imagine what we did before social networking sites, like Facebook.  I appreciate Facebook and whether I knew you beforehand or I met you through Facebook, I'm glad to know you!  Thanks for reading.  Stay tutu cute!  -Heather

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Keepin' My Kids Entertained

If you're kids are like mine, they need to be entertained every second of everyday.  It's still a mission for us to take our 4 year old and 6 month old anywhere, at the same time, without having some sort of tantrum.  For the most part, my girls are really good, but after walking around a mall for an hour or so, they get restless.  If they aren't eating something or playing with something, I may not even get the full hour of peace.

I've always told my husband that all of our worries would be over, if only we could carry the tv around with us.  We tried the portable DVD player, but what were we going to do?  Let the 4 year old hold it in a place where both kids could watch?  I'd tried just about everything and was about to give up, when I was contacted by someone who may have just found the solution I was looking for.

Meet the Baby Beehavin’ - Stroller DVD Pouch™.

BINGO!  Problem solved.  No one needs to hold the DVD.  The kids are happy because they can watch their favorite movies.  And most importantly, Mommy and Daddy can get our shopping done without hearing "I'm bored." or "When are we going home?"

Have I peaked your interest?  Were you looking for something this genius like we were?  Well, look no further!  These are now available on WayTutuCute.com!  Not only are they great, but the price is super reasonable!  Here is a little about the product:

Baby Beehavin’ Stroller DVD Pouch™ is the latest in stroller accessories!  You and your baby will be the envy of parents and babies everywhere.  Compatible with most rear-facing strollers including Fisher-Price, Peg-Perego, Bugaboo, Quinny, Britax, Uppa Baby, Baby-Trends Snap N’ Go, and many more.  This will stimulate and entertain your baby endlessly. This stylish and functional design is compatible with virtually any portable DVD player and is the ultimate addition to your stroller.  So the next time you take your baby shopping, to a restaurant, or anywhere, the Stroller DVD Pouch is all you will need to keep your “Baby Beehavin”

Click here to get yours today! 

Stay Tutu Cute!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Follow Us & Raise Money for Susan G. Komen for the Cure!

From now until Christmas, for every follower we get from now on, I will personally donate $1 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.  Help fight this vicious disease by the click of a link!  Follow our blog and help today!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Monday, December 14, 2009

SPOTLIGHT: RockerByeBaby by Amber Zrust

If you've been on waytutucute.com lately, you've seen the incredibly unique items by RockerByeBaby.  This line is so hot, even celeb kids, such as Tori Spellings son, Liam, have been spotted in them! Want to dress your little one like a celeb kid at an affordable price?  Look no further!  Check out RockerByeBaby!

Let me introduce you to Amber, the mastermind behind RockerByeBaby...

Q. What…is your name?

A. Amber, but most of my friends call me T.G. (like, tee-dge)

Q. What…do you make? 

A. WE HAVE EVERYTHING IN STOCK FOR YOUR BABY TO ROCK!! hehehe I make *deep breath* onesies, bibs, burp rags, Booger Bashers, blankets, Skullies, travel pillows, changing pads, complete crib bedding sets, pillows, curtains, tote bags, and.... babies... I have two of them. :)

Q. What… is your favorite color?
A. The punk rock in me wants to say black... lol but the girl in me screams turquoise and hot pink... put them all together and BAM - instant RockerByeBaby love.

Q. What … is your main influence?
A. My kids... my kids are my influence for everything... and its totally cheesy and lame, but when it comes to them I turn into a big mushy ball of goo, lol. Be it, a little extra money for diapers on their bottoms... or a rockin' blanket to snuggle them to sleep with... OH! - and baby girls because I don't have one. Some of the coolest stuff I have made has been for little girls. I want one, but not enough to be pregnant AGAIN, haha, so I will just continue creating for OTHER cute little girls.

Q. When do you make time to run a business with your busy MOM schedule?
A. I have NO idea… I’m still trying to figure that one out. As of right now… we have 15 Crib Bedding sets that I’m working on plus creating new items, packing, shipping and of course… sewing!! That also doesn’t factor in the blog that I do. However, I have to give credit where its due. I’m very lucky to have supportive friends & family, and if I need help, they’re always there for me. And my husband, Zaq helps ship my packages, fluff bumpers and even helps pin blankets sometimes… if I ask really nicely...

Q. Whats your favorite item you have ever made?
A. I'm working on a crib set right now that is to die for... Hot pink cute little splatter skulls with hearts and dots... and black and white zebra on back. SO CUTE! But I think my most favorite thing to do is design clothes... I loved teaming up with Barley & Birch to create the ultimate rock N roll organic tshirt... my guitar shirt... and girl's dress are some of my favorites.

Now that you know a little about the person behind the awesome items - spread the word and pick up your favorite item(s) today on waytutucute.com!   Your little rocker will be the hit of the playground!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

SPOTLIGHT: Joyous Ventures by Vivian de Cárdenas

This week, I want to introduce you to Joyous Ventures, one of the amazing product lines on waytutucute.com.

Meet Vivian de Cárdenas, a happily married mother of two very active boys (ages 7 and 3).  When she's not busy working, going from doctors appointments to baseball games or checking homework, her true love is "crafting". 

Vivian has always enjoyed crafting and making things for her family and friends. Vivian created things using an array of mediums, from wood burning to custom invitations and now focuses mainly on polymer clay.  Her dream has always been to open up her own shop. 

Vivian's inspiration comes from her family, but there are two people in particular (besides her husband and children) who she dedicates her work to - her mother and her nephew, Daniel! Daniel was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis over 7 years ago. He is now almost 9 years old and is thankfully doing well. Before Vivian's mother passed, she expressed her desire to open a non-profit store which would donate all proceeds toward the research for finding a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. In light of this, Vivian finally decided that it was time for her to follow her dream. In honor of her mother and Daniel, a percentage of all purchases made from Joyous Ventures are donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

To learn more about Daniel, and/or make a donation to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, please click here.   To check out the incredible pieces in the Joyous Venture line, visit waytutucute.com.

Charity and a 4 Year Old

About a month ago, I sat down with my four year old daughter and tried to explain how fortunate she is to have the things she has.  I explained that not only do some kids not have toys and dress up clothes, but some don't have a place to sleep or a Mommy and Daddy to love them.  It was right around this time when we mutually agreed that this year, instead of receiving a bunch of birthday gifts that she doesn't really need, we would donate all of them to less fortunate children.  

We created a huge box, wrapped it in Christmas paper and put the word out for all of our family and friends to bring an unwrapped toy instead of a gift.  Everything was going according to plan until one of her classmates gave her a Bratz doll.... My daughter brought it into my room, with the saddest look in her eyes and finally understood that this doll wouldn't be hers and she'd have to "share" it.  Again, I explained how fortunate we are and she put her head down, thought for a minute, looked up and said "Mommy, I want to share this toy with a kid that doesn't have any."  Immediately, my eyes filled with tears and I grabbed her and gave her the biggest hug I could.  I couldn't believe what an incredible little girl we raised.  She is my inspiration.

Hard to believe that a 4 year old could teach her Mom a lesson, but she did.  In honor of my daughter, I would like to donate $1 for every item sold from now until Christmas to the hungry.  If my daughter can make a difference, so can I.  I also encourage everyone that's reading this blog to do something nice for someone less fortunate this holiday season.  It doesn't take much - check the bottom of your purse, or the inside of your couch for some loose change and use it to make a difference.  Let's spread the love.  

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Welcome to the new blog! I'm super excited to have a place to share my thoughts as well as a great place to introduce new products lines and allow you to learn a little bit more about each designer Mom or Dad. Updates will be posted as often as possible. Please pardon the dust as we create a beautiful boutique-like blog spot. In the meantime, don't forget to visit waytutucute.com to check out all of the awesome items!

Stay Tutu Cute!