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Monday, September 20, 2010

Mom of the Week - Take 2

Mabel was nominated by her daughter, Ginger.

"My beautiful mother, Mabel Crick, will be 88 years old on September 24. She is an amazing woman, part of that "greatest generation", who has seen a lot of history in her life and has many wonderful stories to tell. She is and will always be my role model as a wife and mother and I still learn from her wisdom and gentle advice. She grew up in Birmingham during the Great Depression and was married to my father eleven days before the attack on Pearl Harbor. Mother moved to San Diego, California in 1943 and worked while my father trained in the Marine Corps at Camp Pendleton. She has been a widow for three years after a 67 year marriage and many changes have come into her life but her five children have never heard one complaint. She appreciates every day and is thankful for what she has."

"My sweet mother thanks us each day for the care and love we give to her. When I spend the night she gives me a hug and kiss at bedtime and tells me that she loves me. If she awakens before me, I hear her coming down the hall with her walker and she peeks in to check on me. She thinks we are so good to her but in truth we can never repay all the blessings she has given to us that we will carry always. I thank God for my mother and every moment with her. She is one of my greatest blessings."
Let's take a moment and applaud our Mom of the week, Mabel! Happy Birthday!

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