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Monday, March 29, 2010

WayTutuCute.com teams up with Sweet Deals by Jillee for AWESOME Giveaway!

If you love a bargain, I've found the perfect site for you!  Sweet Deals by Jillee is a blog that gives you daily deals that are, without a doubt, fabulous!  If you don't like to search for the sales, make sure to check out this blog daily, Jill does the work for you and does a pretty darn good job!

Recently, we teamed up with Jill to offer two amazing prize packs!  One for girls and one for boys.  Both packages are worth over $300!!  So, want to know what is being offered?  Click here to see the prizes!  Then, sign up for Jillee's email updates.  If you have a boy or girl preference, make sure to comment on the giveaway page with either boy or girl and include your email address.  You must be signed up for her email list though, that's where she is choosing the winner from.

We would like to thank Jill for mentioning WayTutuCute.com on ABC 4's local morning show, Good Things Utah!  It's our first network mention and we are very excited.  Check out the video of the show on the upper right hand corner.   Make sure to check out Sweet Deals by Jillee and spread the word to any and everyone that you know that loves a good deal! 

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