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Friday, January 1, 2010

Product Review: Bugaloo Shoes

When I first spotted these shoes I thought they are adorable, so they must not be affordable.  Good thing I continued looking, because they are extremely reasonable at only $18, and were immediately added to my "must buy" list.  I made the decision to purchase a pair for my 7 month old for Christmas.  I got them days later (just in time for Christmas) and was pleasantly surprised by the packaging (a cute plastic pouch with handles).  Super professional, super fast shipping... and something I totally wasn't expecting - the leather smells so incredible, I wound up holding them to my nose a little longer than I should've. :)  My little one has not gotten used to shoes yet.  Most wind up on the floor in a matter of minutes so I was shocked to see that she left these on all day (she even took a nap in them).  I bought them a little on the larger side so that she wouldn't grow out of them in a day and they still stayed on which was awesome.  My mom came over on Christmas day and said if Bugaloo made shoes in her size, she would get a pair.  I totally agree!  I've had to stop myself from buying them in every color.

They come in boys and girls styles and they even have some that resemble dress shoes and sneakers (the one pictured here is definitely my favorite style for boys).  Super cute! I'd have to give these shoes pretty high ratings!  I'm honored to have Bugaloo as a part of WayTutuCute.com.  Pick up a pair or two today!  You won't be disappointed!

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  1. I agree with everything Heather said above.
    Bugaloos are soooo cute and she is right,when I came over on Christmas Day,I,too,(her Mom)smelled the leather,as well..a little too long. I would love to buy a pair or two for myself if they came in women's sizes..so so soft and the styles are way cute (styles that you have never seen before). They really do stay on.
    I just may buy some for my granddaughter
    for her birthday.